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I was surprised to see LaTonya show up for a reading. She never had. The woman was dead serious, grounded in the here and now, in facts. But here she was and I could guess at her troubles.

I did a simple past-present-future spread. Past: Wheel of Fortune. Not a surprise. Some people consider that the card of luck, but it can be good luck or bad luck, and for LaTonya it had almost always been bad. Present: King of Swords. That was clearly her crazy holy roller of a son Dwayne, pastor of the Divine Light, who had kidnapped LaTonya’s baby, Darrell.  Divine Light my ass. If you ask me, Dwayne’s the worst of the lot, even worse than the one that ran the go-go. A tyrant.

It was the future card that was interesting: Six of Pentacles. Generosity. LaTonya clearly doesn’t have anything to give, so it must be some other source of generosity. Generosity…not much of that going around in Hot Springs. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. LaTonya’s a good lady. She could sure use some. Still, I can’t see her taking any handouts either.

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